Industry leading Firestop Technology, US110 Fire Barrier Foam is a two component foam, consisting of separate A and B liquid components which, when mixed, form a flexible medium-density fire retardant foam.

US110 Fire Barrier Foam is designed to seal large openings containing multiple penetrations such as cable bundles, cable trays and metallic pipes. Prior to foaming, the liquid components remain fluid, allowing effortless sealing of any size and shape opening, making the product quicker and more efficient than traditional firestop methods.

US110 Fire Barrier Foam’s fast expansion technology quickly fills voids, offering excellent protection from fire, heat transfer, smoke and gases.

US110 Fire Barrier Foam offers unparalleled resistance to fire consumption, is halogen and asbestos free, durable and maintenance free.

Meets the intent of LEED® VOC environmental air quality requirements. requirements.


  • Color: Gray/Brown
  • Packing: 14Kg/Pail; 9Kg/Pail
  • Foaming time: 1 – 5 min.
  • Optimum foaming temp: 50° F -90° F (10° C – 32° C) Curing time: 24 hours
  • Volume expansion: 2.5 – 4 times
  • LO.I.: 732
  • Storage temp: 50° F – 77° F (15°C – 25°C)
  • In-Service temp: -13° F – 176° F (-25° C – 80° C)
  • Shelf life: 12 months
  • Intumescent expansion rate:2-5 times
  • Mix ratio A:B 7-4 by weight
  • Yield per kit: 184,000 cm3 (depending on ambient conditions)
  • Performance: 50+ years HOAC tested