MVL SCM Expands With New Warehouse in Dubai

Dec 04 2015

 MVL Supply Chain Management has expanded operations by providing warehousing services to its clients and principals. MVL represents numerous world class companies worldwide, who will benefit

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Dubai Civil Defense Approvals all MVL Submissions for Firestop Sytems

Sep 01 2015

MVL Firestop has been granted approval for its submission of INCA/IFTI firestop systems for the full range of penetrations by the Dubai Civil Defense Authority. MVL is among a handful of companies

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MVL Saudi Civil Defense Ministry Fire Testing Successful

Feb 22 2014

At the request of the Saudi Ministry of Civil Defence, MVL and its Saudi partner Midad Holdings (Subsidiary of Al Fozan Group) have successfully conducted fire testing at in the presence of high ra

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DC315 Tested Over Non-E84 Rated Foam

Jul 01 2013

MVL Firesotp has co-sponsored two large scale fire tests according the NFPA286 protocols testing the effecitivness of DC315 as firebarrier over non-fire rated polyurethane foams. DC315 is water-bas

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MVL Awarded IFTI Top Exporter 2012

Nov 21 2012

MVL (Micron Ventures Limited FZE) is proud to announce it has received an award from International Fireproof Technologies (IFTI) as a top exporter of passive fireproof protective coatings in the Mi

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